About us

For us, a company is only as strong as its principles.

It’s why everything we make is centred around four core principles:

  • The highest quality products at a fair price
    • What you see is what you get. We price our Packs to be as affordable as we can — and we’ll never artificially raise our prices so you can get it on ‘sale’ later.
  • Continuous product improvement
    • If we feel that a new innovation will make your ride better, we’ll integrate it into our designs immediately. By listening to our customers and ambassadors, we’re able to push ourselves to improve our Packs.
  • Simple, functional, and lasting design
    • As devoted cyclists, we design with our fellow riders in mind, and we won’t compromise for cost, fashion, or gimmicks. Each Pack is built to be used and to last, and is a trustworthy companion for any adventure, big or small.
  • Social responsibility from the ground up
    • Skilled workers are essential to make our Packs a reality, and a fair wage and good working conditions are mandatory. Our production techniques produce minimal waste, and ensure each Pack will stand up for the long haul.