Live tracking hub: Follow our ambassadors in action

Author: Josh Cunningham | 06/08/2017 | , , , ,

Photography: Kristian Pletten

The 2017 ultra racing season is now well underway, which means our ambassadors are currently in action around the world, pushing their limits and their Apidura packs in the environments that they were designed to conquer.

Of course, part of the appeal with contemporary ultra racing events is the way that they utilise modern technologies such as GPS and allow people around the world to spectate from the comforts of home. Thanks to the work of Trackleaders, keeping up to date with the progress of competitors is now easy and accessible, bringing ‘dot-watchers’ right into the narrative of the race as they follow the GPS trackers on-screen.

Here, we’ve compiled the events where our ambassadors are currently in action into one place. Over the following days and weeks, those races will be:

The TransAm – 6,730km of racing across the USA on the TransAmerica Trail (Starting 03/06/17)

The TransAtlantic Way – 2,500km following the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland (Starting 08/06/17)

Tour Divide – 4,454km off-road on the ‘Roof of North America’, from Canada to the Mexican border (Starting 09/06/17)

TransAm (USA)

Apidura riders in action: Sofiane Sehili

TransAtlanticWay (Ireland)

Apidura riders in action: Bernd Paul, Emily Chappell

Tour Divide (USA)

Apidura riders in action: Lee Craigie, Rickie Cotter, Josh Kato