Marc Maurer; A Journey Beyond

Author: ryan walker | 05/06/2016 | a journey beyond , bikepacking , bombtrack , caucasus mountains , marc maurer

“I want to able to get from A to B on my own, under my own steam. I need adventure, I want to feel pure freedom.” In May 2015, Marc Maurer flew from his home in Cologne to Istanbul, with the Caucasus Mountains firmly in his sights. Fully equipped with the Bombtrack ‘Beyond’ bike and an Apidura arsenal, the result was an epic 5,600km traversing of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and finally Iran and his eventual destination of Tehran. ‘A Journey Beyond’ – the full documentary gives you just a taste of what he experienced along the way.

A JOURNEY BEYOND [FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY] from Bombtrack Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

Find out more about his quest at Bombtrack.

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