Björn Lenhard

Ultra-distance racing specialist


Dresden, Germany

Björn Lenhard is an ultra-distance racing specialist. A former winner of Paris-Brest-Paris and the TransAtlantic Way, and frequent challenger at the Transcontinental Race (2nd, 2017; 3rd, 2018), his reputation as a bike racer needs no reiteration. But it’s Björn’s attitude in the face of adversity, and his amiability both on and off the bike, which make him an Apidura Ambassador.

Björn’s success is perhaps attributable to his approach to riding. For him, the main goal is simply enjoyment, and it just so happens that the longer the ride, the more he enjoys it: “Ultra-racing takes you out of your normal life; out of your comfort zone. Within a few hours I forget about all of life’s problems, and life becomes simple. It’s just food, drink, sleep, the road, and the ride.