Christoph Strasser

The Record Breaker


Graz, Austria

Christoph Strasser is an Austrian ultra-cyclist who is a six-time winner and record holder for the fastest time in the Race Across America. In July 2021, he became the first person to ride more than 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) in 24 hours, on a course at Hinterstoisser Air Base in Zeltweg, Austria. Christoph was already a well-known name in the ultra-distance community before his first unsupported race attempt – The Transcontinental Race No.8 in 2022. By no means a guaranteed winner, Christoph delivered a masterclass in pacing alongside his unwavering mental fortitude to cross the finish line first, in what was considered to be the race’s most competitive field to date.

With his talent for unsupported racing now no longer in question, Christoph returned to the TCR in 2023 with an expectation to win. With experience under his belt, Christoph had a plan and he stuck to it,  taking the win for a second year in row – a hard fought battle to the finish against second place rider Robin Gemperle, who was snapping at Christoph’s heels from the start line.

While unsupported ultra-distance racing is now firmly established in Christoph’s calendar, only time will tell whether he’ll return to the TCR for a third time. The only other person to race and win the TCR three times is  Apidura ambassador Kristof Allegaert… Given Christoph’s penchant for breaking records, this could be enough to draw him back.