Clement Stawicki


Nomain, France


For Clement, riding his bike as a little boy was the best way to explore his neighbourhood. He soon turned his hand to BMX racing, and a love for two wheels was firmly established. After a brief love affair with his moped as a teenager, Clement returned to riding his bike, using it every day, and in all weather conditions. However, once Clement started to look further afield, and travel with his bike, a new world of possibilities opened up to him. Now he enjoys nothing more than riding and racing with friends, and generally using his bike to go anywhere and everywhere.

Key Cycling Achievements

    • Paris-Roubaix fixed gear
    • 4 x 3 peaks Cyclo-Cross
    • Transcontinental race N°:3
    • Tuscany Trail
    • French Divide

Favourite Bikepacking Location:

There are too many places to go, and I want to go everywhere. Right now, I’m very happy riding in Europe and especially in the UK.

Dream Bikepacking Trip:

My dream is to ride around the world someday, living on the bike – that way I can really find out which is my favourite country.

Next Bikepacking Challenge:

My next challenge will be to ride the Highland Trail 550 in Scotland, and then the Northcape 4000, riding from Italy to the northernmost tip of Norway.

Advice for New Bikepackers:

“Go outside, don’t hesitate, don’t wait, everything could be an adventure. Make your own experience.”

Other Passions:

My kids, my wife and my friends.