Cynthia Carson

Off-Road Ultra Specialist


Arlington, Virginia

Cynthia, also known as Watt Wagon, is establishing herself as one of the top ultra-distance cyclists in the world. Having found her love for off-road riding after college and joining team Velocio Exploro, who she rode with for 8 years, Cynthia started her journey with a first-place at Unbound XL in 2021. This led to a triumphant on-going career in ultra-distance racing – including GranGuanche Gravel, Across Andes and Atlas Mountain Race to name a few.

One of her biggest wins to date was at Badlands in 2023, taking the women’s win in a staggering 45.5 hours – also establishing herself as the first woman to finish in the top 10 overall. This year, Cynthia took on the prestigious Atlas Mountain Race for the first time, taking the women’s win once again and finishing 15th overall.

If racing wasn’t enough, Cynthia runs her own videography business and Youtube account, is the race director of Gravista (a gravel race in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, USA) and hosts the podcast Detours with Mel Webb. In 2024, Cynthia released ‘Same Same But Different’, a short film where viewers are immersed Cynthia’s world, sharing her reflections on ultra-distance cycling and life.