Ed Shoote


Peebles, Scotland


Ed’s approach to cycling is to ride everything – any bike, anywhere. Whether he’s on a mountain bike or a touring bike, it’s always about travelling fast, light and far, and he’s constantly excited by the idea of riding somewhere new. That said, his Achilles heel is taking camera kit that weighs too much to capture images of his trips.

Having lived on the move for most of the last decade, Ed has now cycled across most countries in Europe and Asia. He stopped in Scotland last year, and is exploring the country one track at a time.

He’s currently on a mission to bikepack through areas he missed on previous adventures. Last year this involved the Pamir Mountains, Scotland and the cobbles of Northern France. This year, he’s planning an adventure much further east.

Dream Bikepacking Trip:

Fat biking in Antarctica. I prefer skinny tyres, but there’s a time and a place for fat bikes and this would be it.

Advice for New Bikepackers:

Save up and buy good quality compact kit for your big ticket items. Our lightweight tent, sleeping bags and stove have lasted over 10 years of adventuring, making the investment well worth it.

Key Recent Cycling Achievements:

  • 2012 Toured in Western Canada/USA and outran an angry grizzly bear
  • 2013 Cycled across Europe to Istanbul
  • 2014 Rode from UK to Almaty, then in Nepal and India
  • 2015 Bikepacked the Altay, Pamir and Wakhan mountains, UK 24-hour Sen Male MTB Champion