Jack Thompson


Perth, Western Australia


Fed up with life behind a computer screen and getting little satisfaction from a career in the construction industry, Jack decided to focus his life around the bike, ultra-endurance racing, and exploring the world on two wheels. As a sufferer of an obsessive compulsive personality, Jack has found that ultra-endurance racing suits him well, allowing him to focus daily on training towards reaching his goals.

So far in 2017, Jack has ridden from Perth to Adelaide solo and unsupported in nine days. In Adelaide, at the 2017 Tour Down Under, Jack spoke at a seminar for Endurance and Adventure Cycling, and it was here that he announced his ambition to set a new unsupported Trans-Australian world record later in the year. In addition to this, Jack will return to race the Transcontinental Race, before riding from the North to the South of Japan. In 2018 he has ambitions to compete in the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme, which is currently the longest bike race in the world, at a gruelling 9,300km across 14 stages.

Jack would like to thank all of his sponsors for the support they have given, and continue to give him: MAAP, Apidura, POC, Victors Cycle Club, Melody Wheels and NeuroPhysics Perth.

Key Cycling Achievements:

  • TCR 2016
  • Perth to Adelaide for TDU 2017
  • 10 Dams 2017

Next Bikepacking Challenge:

I feel a pull towards India and Nepal. India draws me in because of its wide and varied tapestry, colours, landscapes and values, and I love the idea of riding in Nepal because I enjoy being in remote places and learning from local cultures.

How you got Hooked:

My father got me into adventure cycling. When he retired, he decided to ride around the world and so, the natural progression was for me to follow! My proudest moment to date was finishing the Transcontinental Race in 2016, and seeing my father waiting at the finish line to meet me.

Most Humbling Moment:

Nothing ever goes to plan. Just when you feel like everything is working out, something tends to go wrong. The challenge is how to deal with this when you’re tired, hungry and alone.

Advice for New Bikepackers:

Start small and build on your experience. Don’t get caught up thinking that you need to ride 300km+ day after day. Everyone’s adventure is different!

Other Passions:

I love cooking when I have the time.

Fun Fact:

Cycling long distances has been a great way for me to work with my obsessive compulsive personality. Though it may not be a cure, it has certainly given me a great opportunity to channel my energy into something constructive, and that I love.