Josh Ibbett


Where I park my bike


After beginning his race career at the age of 14, it soon became apparent that Josh was a natural endurance athlete. As the race length increased, so did the wins. Following the discovery of touring, Josh soon found his niche talent for ultra distance riding made him a serious competitor in the world of self-supported racing. He won his first major event, the Transcontinental, in 2015.

Always on the hunt for bigger challenges, in 2017 Josh set out on a five-month trip through Europe, North America, and Mexico.

Key Cycling Achievements

  • 2015 Transcontinental Race Winner
  • 2017 Tuscany Trail Winner
  • Five-month bikepacking trip through Europe and the Americas

Next Bikepacking Challenge

Exploring the roads less ridden on a 12-month journey around the world

Proudest Bikepacking Moment

Winning the Transcontinental in 2015

Most Humbling Moment

Having to pull out of the Transcontinental 2016 due to an injury

Advice for New Bikepackers

Just get out and do it!