Josh Murphy

The storyteller


London, UK

Josh’s love for bikes and travel started whilst living out in Shanghai. He joined a road club out there initially to meet new people and try a new sport and ended up on their race team, competing all over Asia. His first bikepacking trip was a two-week loop through Vietnam and Laos back in 2016. He has been hooked ever since, riding through India, China and Southeast Asia in the search for adventure, excitement and that feeling of freedom that only two-wheeled pedal travel can provide.

After three years living in Asia, Josh moved back to the UK and entered the Transcontinental Race. He has since taken part in a wide range of bikepacking races, challenges and events including the 2022 Silk Road Mountain Race. He loves the amount of mini-adventures that can be compressed into a very small amount of time and combines his passion for writing and photography to try and tell some of these stories from the road and trails.