Kristof Allegaert


Kortrijk, Belgium


Kristof Allegaert is one of the most qualified and respected riders currently competing in ultra-distance cycling events.

With a history of riding huge distances that long predates the arrival of the sport we know today, Kristof first arrived onto the scene by winning the inaugural Transcontinental Race in 2013.

He has since defended that title on two more occasions, and as well as competing in other ultra-distance events, enjoys thinking up and attempting his own challenges. These have included an 800km ride between the 100 highest points in his native Belgium, and ‘Double Everesting’ – riding up and down a single climb enough times to equal two ascents of Mount Everest.

Key Cycling Achievements

  • One year touring in South America
  • Six months touring in North America
  • Transcontinental Race Winner (2013, 2014, 2016)
  • Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Winner (2015)
  • Indian Pacific Wheel Race – 1st on the road (2017)

How You Got Hooked

When I was a kid I used to go out for rides of 50km or so, and at that age even that was a big adventure, but in time, I wanted to discover new things, and the distances grew. At first it was just 100km, then 200km, but things changed again, and I started doing the really long unsupported rides. It was then that I found my passion.

Most Humbling Bikepacking Moment

I once cycled to Paris to meet my wife for a holiday, and over two days of cycling I had a day of tailwind and a day of brutal headwind. The first day I was flying along at 35 kmh, the second I was creeping along but with twice as much effort. Sometimes everything is easy, but it only takes one moment for the same job to become that bit harder.