Lee Craigie


Inverness, Scotland


Lee is fascinated by the places we can take ourselves emotionally by pushing our limits, and as such, she’s become an expert at self-supported, long distance riding. A former national mountain bike champion, Lee is now more likely to be found racing the Highland Trail 550 or The Tour Divide, as well as exploring dubious singletrack all over the world.

Off the bike, Lee is passionate about fair representation in the world of outdoor adventure, and in 2015, established The Adventure Syndicate in an effort to offer an alternative female sporting role model. In 2018, she was appointed Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland.

Key Cycling Achievements

  • British Mountain Bike Champion (2013)
  • Represented Team GB at both the World and European Championships for mountain biking.
  • British 24-Hour Mountain Bike Champion (2016)
  • British Fatbike Champion (2016)
  • Raced The Tour Divide (2017)

How You Got Hooked

I got hooked on self-supported adventures while I was still racing mountain bikes professionally. I had forgotten the reasons I started cycling in the first place, so after a disastrous performance at a race in Andorra, I packed up my race bike and, instead of getting on a flight home with the rest of the squad, rode back to the UK. Sleeping under the stars, eating from garage forecourts – it was the happiest I’d been in ages!

Advice for New Bikepackers

To anybody who’s never done this before, I say to stop planning and start doing. Nobody is ever going to be completely prepared when they try something new. Waiting until you’ve got all the right kit, or until you know exactly how to use it, means you’ll never get started – or worse, that the experience will be overthought and sterile. Just go!