Marc Maurer


Cologne, Germany


After exploring the world through backpacking trips (including a two-year trip to Asia), Marc found himself bored of buses, aeroplanes and walking. It was all too easy – he needed a new challenge.

His first ever bikepacking trip was a 6,000km solo ride from Cologne to Istanbul. Originally planning to take a plane home after arriving in Istanbul, Marc changed his mind en route and ended up riding all the way back to Cologne. Marc had officially caught the bikepacking bug, and has ridden almost every day since – smiling, loving the outdoors, and searching for adventure.

Key Cycling Achievements:

  • 2017 Dushanbe – Bishkek (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan).
  • 2015 Istanbul – Tehran (Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran).
  • 2014 Cologne – Istanbul – Cologne.

Dream Bikepacking Trip:

To ride around the islands of Japan.

Next Bikepacking Challenge:

My next big adventure will be a bikepacking trip around the “Stan” states and the Pamir mountains of Central Asia.

Proudest Bikepacking Moment:

My first long solo bikepacking trip. Instead of taking a plane home when I reached Istanbul, I decided to ride back. It was a very moving experience riding into Cologne after three months on the road and seeing the famous church towers of my home town. It was a feeling I will never forget.

Advice for New Bikepackers:

Travel light, you don’t need much.
Smiling and laughing always help.
Don’t try to outrun a bunch of wild angry dogs.