Markus Stitz


Edinburgh, Scotland


Markus was born in Germany, and lived close to the border between what was then East and West Germany. Markus’s desire for adventure and freedom started from an early age, having grown up with little of either.

Markus enjoyed his first taste of bikepacking when he took a trip around the Scottish Highlands and Islands. However, it was in New Zealand that he really got hooked on off-road touring. With the seed of a circumnavigation of the world planted in his mind, Markus started to cycle further and longer after returning to Scotland in 2009. He finished the Highland Trail twice and designed his own bikepacking route, the Capital Trail (which was awarded best new bikepacking route for 2016 by He then set off to cycle around the world on his trusty singlespeed bike.

Key Cycling Achievements:

  • Cycling the World singlespeed (2015/16)
  • Capital Trail 5th (2015/16)
  • Highland Trail 550 (2014, 2015)
  • Strathpuffer 24-hour mountain bike time trail (2014, 2015, 2017)
  • Scotland Coast-to-Coast in 2 days singlespeed (2014)
  • West Highland Way in 1 day (2013)
  • Edinburgh to Isle of Skye (424 km) in 1 day (2011)
  • Land’s End to John o’ Groats singlespeed in 6 days (2011)

How you got Hooked:

I got hooked hearing about the Highland Trail 550 back in 2013, my first ever trip with bikepacking luggage. My proudest bikepacking moment was finishing my round the world trip at Portobello Beach, after riding 34,000km though 26 countries.

Advice for new Bikepackers:

Have fun! Bikepacking is not about hardship – it’s about having more possibilities than ever to ride your bike. No matter if you do 50km, 500km or indeed a whole lap of the planet, treat every trip as special, enjoy the moments you spend away from civilisation and make the most of it. Pack wisely, take only what you really need, take a Spot Tracker as a safety device and don’t over plan.