Omar Rubiano

The bikepacking advocate


Bogotá, Colombia

Omar is a Colombian cyclist who after discovering bikepacking 5 years ago did his first ultra-distance race in 2022, placing first in the Transcordilleras in the nonstop category. Omar is on a mission to place Colombia on the bikepacking map working as a cycling advisor for several organisations to do this. In his own words,

“Sonreir, eso es lo que me motiva a estar sobre una bicicleta, es mi vida, mis sueños y mis anhelos. Ahora, cuando estoy sobre una bicicleta, puedo pasar horas en ella, compitiendo o simplemente explorando. Cuando conocí el ultraciclismo entendí porque realmente me gusta el ciclismo, porque amo “sufrir en la bicicleta” porque entiendo mis pensamientos. Compito y vivo con mi corazón, esto me ha enseñado a tomar decisiones que me han traído hasta aquí, donde para mi, en este momento comienza la vida”

“Smiling, that’s what motivates me to be on a bike, it’s my life, my dreams and my desires. Now, when I’m on a bike, I can spend hours on it, racing or just exploring. When I came to know about ultra-cycling I understood why I really love cycling, why I love to “suffer on the bike” because I understand my thoughts. I compete and live with my heart, this has taught me to make decisions that have brought me here, where for me, at this moment life begins”

Photos from David Jaramillo R and Cristian Pérez.