Patrick Martin Schroeder


Cologne, Germany


Even in school, I wanted to travel around the world. After my army service, I backpacked for a year, before getting the idea to travel by bike, an experience I’ll never want to miss. I instantly knew that bicycles are the way to go. Riding around the world using your own muscles for transport is more rewarding than you can imagine – you come in contact with the people and end up in the weirdest places. Even hard days I remember with a certain fondness.

I started small, going around Germany, then neighbouring countries. After touring around Europe, I started planning larger bike expeditions, going across Africa to Capetown, and later on doing the Americas from Argentina to Canada. From that point on, I concentrated more on athletic challenges, be it cycling across the Sahara or heading into the freezing winter of Siberia.

Most Humbling Moment:

Meeting a Japanese tourist in France, travelling on a borrowed, really crappy steel bike, using a bungee cord to strap a backpack to it. No tent, no experience, cycling in flip flops. “A good experience, I like it”, he said. I felt like a hypocrite, the professional adventurer with the fancy gear, facing barely any real challenges at this point.

Next Bikepacking Challenge:

Exploring more of Africa by bike in 2017

Key Cycling Achievements:

  • Germany to South Africa
  • Argentina to Canada
  • 2 Sahara Crossings
  • Self-imposed 24-hour race
  • Route 66
  • Cycled the Silk Road, China to Europe
  • Cycled through over 140 countries