Ulrich Bartholmoes

Ultralight Minimalist


Munich, Germany

Since Ulrich’s first winning race at the Transpyrnees in Spain, his winning streak has snowballed into a total of 16 ultra-endurance wins. Some highlights include the 2023 Tour Divide, Transiberica, Three Peaks Bike Race and wins at both editions of Two Volcano Sprint.

As well as a true passion for competition and dedication to pushing further with each ride, a minimalist approach to bikepacking is key to Ulrich’s formidable pace and he’s usually carrying far less than anyone else on the start line. “When I’m on the road for 1, 2 or 10 days I can carry everything I need in small packs. It’s a contrast with normal life – my flat is full of things that everyone has, but that we rarely need. But I also love to compete, and when you are trying to go fast – it helps to go lightweight!”