Experiences Are Priceless

A look back at how the Apidura community spent its time over the Black Friday Weekend. It’s not about more stuff, it’s about more experiences.

Thank You

We’ve had a great response from our Black Friday and Cyber Monday message from all over the world. We wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined and shared their rides with us.

Below are a few examples of what’s been posted in the last few days. If you haven’t shared your experience, it’s not too late! Please share using the hashtags #TimeWellSpent and #Apidura. Experiences Are Priceless.



Everything we do at Apidura is dedicated to the simple, joyful experience of riding bikes. Be it the crossing of a city, country, or continent, we believe that cycling provides a world of possibility and adventure. It is this shared appreciation that brings us together.

We believe that the beauty of cycling is its simplicity. We strive to reflect this simplicity in our approach to riding, as well as in the way in which we design and use our products. We believe in packing light, taking only what we need, and sticking to the essentials – because, the less room that is taken up by unnecessary baggage, the more time and freedom we have to enjoy the ride itself.

This is true in life as much as it is on the bike. As such, over the 2018 Black Friday Weekend, we decided to get outside and remember what really matters. It’s not about more stuff, it’s about more experiences, and making sure we invest our time wisely.

This is our definition of #TimeWellSpent.


I’ve been lucky to have support from Apidura for a little while now…

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The art of bikepacking is not to be find more spaces on the bike…

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TIME WELL SPENT 👌🏽⠀ â € As we approach ‘Black Friday’…â €

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Apparently it’s Black Friday. A day when we’re all encou……

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More days like this please #timewellspent #wymtm #monocc #westisbest

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We didn’t get the #blackfriday memo. #TimeWellSpent

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Cold Start #wintercycling #timewellspent

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I’ve been so fortunate to have the support …

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Experiences Are Priceless