Impact Report

Our Impact In 2023


Everything we do has an impact on the environment. As a brand, we have the ability and responsibility to influence the extent of this impact through every decision we take. At Apidura, we believe the journey toward a more sustainable future can not be an ‘add-on’ but must be central to the why and how of what we do.

In our 2023 report we have progressed to offer better transparency across all areas of our business and, we hope, provided a clear and honest account of the decisions we are making and why. A major step in 2023 has been to publish climate footprint (CO2e) estimates for all of our products to show where the main areas of impact lie in their value-chains.

– People –


Placing sustainability and circularity at the core of every role


In 2023, the creation of a dedicated Impact & Sustainability role signals our intent to accelerate our efforts, focusing on data-driven impact assessment, supply chain mapping, and advancing both our Repair and Revive initiatives, helping to up-skill the wider team in the process.

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Explore The Apidura Product Chain


As a producer of physical products, we believe it’s our responsibility to consider our impact at every stage of the process. Explore the changes we’ve made in our production chain in this years report.

From first prototype through to repair, we take an iterative approach to improving and optimising steps wherever an opportunity exists. Sustainable design and production methods are at the very core of our business.

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Tracking our Climate Footprint

We have published estimated CO2e climate footprints for our full product range across our website. It is our hope that by being transparent about our products impact, we can help conscious consumers make informed decisions whilst simultaneously highlighting the importance of creating products that are Built to Last and Designed For Repair.

* These figures have been prepared with the support of Doconomy’s 2030 Calculator.

A significant drop in emissions within the material processing and product assembly stages of our supply chain as a result of a move to 50% renewable energy by our main production partner is reflected in product-level climate footprints.

Impact Reports


2022 Impact Report : Download

2023 Impact Report : Download




Constant Forward Progress


2024 marks the 11th anniversary of Apidura’s founding.

Our core principles have not changed, we continue to push the boundaries of normative industry practice and place sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.