21,000 KM: Supporting the Transcontinental Race

Ultracycling is in our DNA at Apidura and over the years we’ve sent nearly half our staff to line up for the Transcontinental Race. This year, it’s the turn of Jonathan and Chris.

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Apidura and the Transcontinental Race have a lot more in common than just being founded in the same year. Over the years, in parallel with the race for the podium, the Transcontinental Race has inspired our staff to push their own limits and practice what we preach by supporting the ultra-racing scene:

  • 6 editions of the race sponsored
  • 6 members of staff lined up on TCR start lines
  • 5 checkpoints staffed
  • 2 Apidura staff members finished in time for the finishers’ party
  • 13,000km+ raced
  • 120,000m+ climbed
  • 74 days out of the office
  • 3 Apidura Ambassador wins

We’ve learnt so much from meeting the riders and supporting the race over the years. This year will be no different, with two members of our office lining up alongside the racers in Burgas and our own George Huxford once again manning the Apidura-sponsored checkpoint at the finish line in Brest. We can’t wait to follow their dots with dotwatcher.cc and watch them discover what they are capable of – don’t forget to say hi to them if you see them on the road.

  • 4 members of staff supporting the race
  • 2 staff members racing
  • 8,080km of route planning completed
  • 90,000m of climbing expected
  • 41 days booked out of the office


Meet the team


Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett


This is my first ever bike race, and I’m starting to wish I’d picked a slightly easier one to begin with. I’ve done plenty of touring, so have the patience for long days in the saddle, but I’ve never needed to pedal anywhere with much urgency in the past. Last time I cycled across Europe it took me 4 months. Hopefully I’m a little quicker this summer!
After watching my friends & colleagues compete in the event, I’m intrigued to see how far my own legs will carry me in the TCR. With any luck I’ll be in Brest within 16 days. If I end up scratching before then, hopefully I’ll find somewhere scenic for a pint before returning home with a nice tan. It’s my holiday, after all.

Chris Herbert


This isn’t my first attempt at the Transcontinental – I entered in 2016 but was knocked off my bike a week before the start and ended up only making it as far as Paris. I’m hoping to make it to the start injury-free this year and find out what I’m capable of.

I used to race and time trial, so still have a power meter, but I take my training less seriously these days and focus on enjoying the bike and the places it can take me. I’m hoping to find the right balance between racing and enjoying the experience at the TCR!

George Huxford

Checkpoint 5

This is my second time volunteering at a checkpoint on the TCR. This year I’ll be at the finish rather than the bottom of a huge gravel climb, so hopefully the riders will be more pleased to see me.

In the year since my two weeks stamping cards and high fiving riders, I’ve done a bit of riding but still not felt the call of racing strong enough to attach a Spot tracker to my own bike.

Harry Davies


With an injury forcing me to give up my cap number, I’ll be using this year’s TCR to test the water for 2020. Hopefully, 2020 will be the year of the comeback!

Instead, I’ll be heading out to Burgas to lend a hand at the start. This will involve checking riders have all the kit they need for their journeys across the continent. You might also catch me pointing a lens at some bikes!