Jenny Tough Interview; The Gravel Ride Podcast

Apidura ambassador Jenny Tough speaks to The Gravel Ride Podcast about bikepacking and the spirit of adventure.

Following Hannibal’s Footsteps; Gravel Riding in the Haute Maurienne

Seb Jarrot follows in Hannibal's footsteps and shares three gravel rides in the Haute Maurienne with us.


Markus Stitz shares his personal highlights from the new Drovers Trail bikepacking route.

Parallels; Your Rides

A closer look at your Parallels rides over the summer solstice weekend.

The Pie Ride

Sophie Gateau took advantage of easing restrictions in France to go on her first bikepacking trip in months; the pie ride.

Good Times in the Badlands

Meg Davies tells us about her pre-race recce for Badlands and explores what racers can expect from this new event.

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