Another Journey Beyond Film: Bikepacking Central Asia

For the next part of his ‘around the world’ adventure, Apidura ambassador Marc Maurer sets off on a bikepacking tour of Central Asia

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Another Journey Beyond Film Bikepacking Central Asia

Photography: Ben Hammer and Bombtrack


Marc Maurer is on a mission to cycle around the world.

It’s a big ambition, and one that many of us would like to undertake, but the scale of such an adventure makes it difficult to even begin thinking about, let alone pull off. That’s why Marc is breaking it down into segments, with the aim of completing his ‘around the world by bike’ adventure simply within his lifetime.

The journey began in 2014, when he left his home of Cologne in Germany to cycle across Europe to Istanbul – and then back again. Then, in 2015, Marc picked the trail back up in Istanbul, continuing across Turkey, the Caucasus and western Iran, while also documenting his experiences in a film produced by Bombtrack Bicycle Co, called ‘A Journey Beyond’.

Fast forward to 2017, and Marc is on the road again. This summer he will be embarking on another multi-month tour, starting in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan in Central Asia, and taking on the country’s infamous Pamir Highway, before heading further north into the neighbouring ‘Stans’, in a bid to discover first-hand the bikepacking potential that this wild region has to offer.

Marc will again be working on a documentary film – ‘A Journey Beyond Vol.2’ – which will no doubt be a hotly anticipated watch upon his return.

For his 2017 Central Asia tour, Marc will be using 

Expedition Saddle Pack (17L), Expedition Compact Frame Pack (4.5L), Expedition Handlebar Pack (9L), Backcountry Accessory Pocket (5L) Backcountry Food Pouch (0.8L), Backcountry Top Tube Pack (1L)

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