Apidura + Bombtrack Collaboration

When Bombtrack approached us to create bespoke child-sized packs for their new bike for younger adventurers, we jumped at the opportunity to help open bikepacking to a wider family audience.

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Apidura + Bombtrack Show Packs


The small and talented team at Bombtrack are committed to adventurous riding of all kinds. Their range of on and off-road bikes have always been designed with an eye on a faraway horizon and traveling by bike is in their DNA. For this reason we have worked closely with them for many years, jointly supporting riders like Clem, Marc and Joachim, using their ever-expanding range of bikes for in-house testing and design as well as riding alongside each other in gravel and bikepacking events across Europe.

Increasingly, the team at Bombtrack have been exploring the highs and lows of bikepacking with their children and families, finding new joy in travelling shorter distances and seeing the world through young eyes.

Apidura + Bombtrack Gif

Clem has spent the summer bikepacking with his family and their two dogs, relishing in seeing his children taking care of the puppies. Explaining his love of tykepacking, Clem told us “when I’m alone and pushing hard on a bikepacking event, I’m always thinking about my family, wanting to take them along and slow down. So when we’re together, I enjoy the moment.”

Similarly, Joachim has been bikepacking with his family, despite everybody and the world letting him know how crazy it was to go for a two-month tour in the New Zealand outback with an 11-month old child. He explains “it’s a privilege spending 24/7 together, with no time pressure, nowhere to be, no ‘disturbances’ from the ‘real’ world. Just being out there and letting your heart tune into the beat of nature.”

To share their love of family bikepacking, Bombtrack designed a bike for younger adventurers – the Beyond Junior. When they told us about their plans and asked what packs we’d recommend, we jumped at the chance to create a bespoke bikepacking setup for younger riders.

Bombtrack Junior development sketch 1

Bombtrack Development Sketch 2

Bombtrack Beyond Junior with Apidura Packs

Ensuring the packs were a perfect fit for the new bike was just the start. We worked closely together to create custom artwork and details that celebrated the joy of sharing adventures with the next generation. We even created a ‘story label’ to sit inside the packs and inspire young riders.

Extra care was taken to make the three-pack setup ultra-light to complete the lightweight aluminium frame, keeping the whole package manageable for smaller riders. Lastly, just as Bombtrack worked hard to source smaller, more ergonomic touchpoints for bike we worked hard to make sure that all the closures, buckles and zippers would all be easy for younger hands to use.

Smaller frames mean less usable space, so a key concern for our design team was ensuring that we maintained the same compartments and usability as our larger packs, but didn’t extend the pack into parts of the main frame triangle that would create unusable space. Similarly, the smaller saddle meant re-engineering the Saddle Pack mounting system to allow for the different wear pattern on the top of the Pack.

Bombtrack + Apidura packs

The combination of advanced technical packs and a rugged, high-quality junior-sized bicycle make it easier than ever to take family bikepacking trips further and involve children in all aspects of the adventure. The packs are big enough to allow children to carry some essentials, while leaving space for treasures found along the way – pine cones, pebbles and other reminders of the day’s adventure. As Clem explains “packs that fit your children’s bikes mean they can take a pocketknife, cuddly toy or sunglasses etc. and feel less reliant on mum and dad for their adventure.”

At Apidura, we believe in making bikepacking as accessible as possible for everyone and we’re excited to see where young adventurers and their families take these packs and the stories they tell. As the biggest barrier to family bikepacking is typically a lack of information or simply not knowing where to start, we have compiled a Tykepacking Guide with insight and guidance from our friends and ambassadors to help you plan your first trip.