Bikepacking Guides

Streamline your bikepacking setup with a lightweight, durable bike and pack essential gear in frame bags or racks. Prioritize nutrition with high-energy, lightweight foods. Be self-sufficient with a basic toolkit for bike repairs and reliable hydration bladders. Your kit list should include shelter, sleep gear, weather-appropriate clothing, navigation tools, and a light source. With careful planning and the right packs, you’ll be ready to embrace the adventure of bikepacking.

Two bicycles and a rider at the top of a gravel mountain pass

Get Into Bikepacking

Everything you need to know to get into bikepacking.

Reading time: 4 min

Cyclists following each other, sunset

10 Long Distance Cycling Events to Follow in 2024

We spoke to riders about the events they’re most excited to line up at in 2024.

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bikepacking advice to stay safe on the road as a solo female bikepacker cyclist

Bikepacking Advice for Solo Female Cycling

Staying safe and enjoying life on the road as a solo female bikepacker: tips from around-the-world cyclist Juliana Buhring

Reading time: 7 min