Built to Last: Jenny Graham’s Food Pouch Plus

Part of the ‘Built to Last’ series, in which we take a look at the stories behind long-serving Apidura Packs. Here, we profile Jenny Graham’s Food Pouches, which have accompanied her through Highland tours, local rides, and a 29,000km record-breaking ride around the world.

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Every Scratch Tells a Story

Every time we go out on our bikes, we’re creating experiences and making memories. Every scratch to a Pack provides traces of another story earned, and we cherish these scuffs as a homage to all of the experiences we’ve had on two wheels.

At Apidura, we pride ourselves in making products that are built to last. Not just because of the benefits that high quality, long-lasting gear offers, but because it means we can be sure both Pack and rider have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and gain as many scratches as possible together.

Here, we celebrate the unique experiences of Jenny Graham, and her Food Pouches.

I got one of these Food Pouches as a hand-me-down from Emily Chappell about 15 months ago, and the other one I’ve had for just under a year.

Together we’ve done LEJOG (Land’s End to John O’Groats), the Bristol-Pyrenees Southbound ride with the Adventure Syndicate, and been all over Scotland (on and off road). We’ve also done the Hebridean Way, the Fred Whitton route, the North Coast 500…and we’ve ridden around the world! They practically live on my bike, so I use them everyday for things like keys, money and my phone too.

We’ve been through a lot together, with many highs and lows. I vividly remember being at the start line of my round-the-world attempt: Cycling over that imaginary line, and the rush of emotion that hit me. So many unknowns, so much excitement. Everything on my bike at that point had survived various stages of kit culling to make it to the start line.

Later on in the ride – I can’t remember exactly where – I got a Food Pouch ant infestation. It was disgusting, there were ants everywhere. I had slept in a field overnight, and had some sweet stuff at the bottom of the Pouch, so they must have climbed in then. I didn’t notice them for a while the next day, but they started appearing in dribs and drabs. When I eventually stopped to investigate I realised there were billions of then. Yuk!

If you stick an orange in the bottom, you can use it as a kind of shelf and then have an open tub of cream cheese or hummus on top. Works a treat!

-Jenny Graham

You live life with such simplicity on the bike that you begin to appreciate everything that comes with you on the journey. Everything – Packs included – feel like a part of your trip; part of the experience.

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