Built to Last: Patrick Martin Schröder’s Frame Pack

Part of the ‘Built to Last’ series, in which we take a look at the stories behind long-serving Apidura Packs. Here, we profile Patrick Schröder’s Backcountry Frame Pack, which has accompanied him on long expeditions all over the world, including touring from Germany to Ghana on an electric bamboo bike.

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Patrick Martin Schroders Backcountry Frame Pack

Every Scratch Tells a Story

Every time we go out on our bikes, we’re creating experiences and making memories. Every scratch to a Pack provides traces of another story earned, and we cherish these scuffs as a homage to all of the experiences we’ve had on two wheels.

At Apidura, we pride ourselves in making products that are built to last. Not just because of the benefits that high quality, long-lasting gear offers, but because it means we can be sure both Pack and rider have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and gain as many scratches as possible together.

Here, we celebrate the experiences of Patrick Schröder, who has toured 140 of the world’s countries and can usually be found riding through far-flung places on his bamboo bike.

I like to cycle or hike because it’s slow enough to experience nature, climate and people, while being fast enough to cross entire countries. The nature of the journey leads towards less of a focus on remaining ultra-light. Instead, it is normal to collect things along the way and begin carrying heavier items. It has always been the appeal of travel, rather than racing, that has guided my packing decisions.

A hole in Patrick's Frame Pack from carrying e-bike batteries

In 2017, I toured 5,000km through West Africa, visiting eight countries on a bamboo e-bike. The unusual combination of battery technology and a straightforward frame material appealed to me and I carried three batteries in total, all in my Backcountry Frame Pack. Each battery lasted over 200 kilometres but the weight and sharp edges left their mark on the pack’s fabric.

After the West Africa tour, the pack continued to join me every day while I obtained my paragliding license – cycling 25km to and from flights for two months. I’ve never had to worry about the bag or the bike, leaving me free to focus on the journey… and brushing up on my language skills.

The hole in Patrick's Frame Pack

With the battery pack damage repaired by our team, Patrick’s Backcountry Frame Pack is ready to continue on its worldly ventures. Having already seen 140 of them, Patrick tells us he hopes to visit every country in the world.

The Built to Last and easy to repair nature of our packs is embodied in our Revive Program, where repaired, refurbished and sample packs can be purchased.

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