Built to Last: Sofiane Sehili’s Full Frame Pack

Part of the ‘Built to Last’ series, in which we take a look at the stories behind long-serving Apidura Packs. Here, we profile Sofiane Sehili’s Backcountry Full Frame Pack, which has accompanied him on numerous bikepacking races across three continents.

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Sofiane's Backcountry Full Frame Pack

Every Scratch Tells a Story

Every time we go out on our bikes, we’re creating experiences and making memories. Every scratch to a Pack provides traces of another story earned, and we cherish these scuffs as a homage to all of the experiences we’ve had on two wheels.

At Apidura, we make products that are built to last. Not just because of the benefits that high quality, long-lasting gear offers, but because it means we can be sure both Pack and rider have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and gain as many scratches as possible together.

Here, we celebrate the experiences of accomplished ultra-endurance athlete Sofiane Sehili, and his Backcountry Full Frame Pack.

As an Apidura Ambassador, Sofiane pushed the boundaries of what is physically possible in self-supported races, winning some of the world’s toughest events.

Few riders have covered as much ground around the world with Apidura packs as Sofiane. He’s toured for thousands of miles across the Silk Road, as well as pushing bike, body and gear to the limit on long-distance off-road races.

This particular Full Frame Pack – from our original Backcountry Series – has been one of Sofiane’s go-to packs for racing since 2019. It’s accompanied him on the Tour Divide and Hope 1000, alongside the Inca Divide and Atlas Mountain Race – both of which he won.


For 2021, other commitments mean that Sofiane will no longer be riding with Apidura. While we are sad to see him go, we are immensely proud of everything he has achieved and know he will continue to push our sport forward for years to come. We are glad to have been able to be part of Sofiane’s story and will continue to watch and cheer for his dot wherever his adventures take him.

Neither of us wants to see a pack that has experienced so much and has so much life left in it sitting idle. These packs are designed for getting dirty on muddy trails, rather than gathering dust on shelves. Sofiane’s frame pack will be donated to Revive – our platform for reducing waste by returning purpose to idle packs. Hopefully, the pack will find new adventures on a new bike, and who knows? Perhaps even win more races.

“I like the idea that it's going to live a new life and go on more adventures. After everything it has done, all the places it has been, it would be a shame just to let it go unused. The fact that I won races with it might inspire someone to push a bit further. Or maybe they'll want to revisit some of the places I've been. I'm quite curious to know what will happen to it. After serving me so well, I'm just happy it's not retiring now and gets to see more of this amazing planet.”

The Built to Last and Designed to Repair nature of our packs is embodied in our Revive Program, where repaired, refurbished and sample packs can be purchased.

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