El Infierno Del Sur

Mexico’s first ultra-distance race, Tour de Frankie returns for its third edition, lifting the lid on an emerging and growing scene in the region.

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Mountain with blue sky in Mexico


The Hell of the South


When we think of ultra-distance and bikepacing races, our thoughts are often drawn to marquee races in Europe and North America, but there are many burgeoning scenes around the globe which are giving new riders their first experience of this dynamic and community-focused style of racing. One such event is Tour De Frankie , which has come to the fore as Mexico’s ultra-endurance bikepacking race and one that we are excited to continue to support in 2024.

The Tour de Frankie, aka Infierno Del Sur (“The Hell of the South”), has a clear goal of helping to develop the bikepacking and ultra-distance race scene in Mexico and South America, whilst simultaneously exposing riders to the stunning and varied landscapes of the region. It is this clear goal that attracted us to support the Tour de Frankie in 2023 and to renew that support in 2024.

Cyclist riding up street hill

In the event’s 2022 debut, the Tour de Frankie covered some 560km, departing Mexico City and concluded in the city of Oaxaca. For 2023, the field grew to 60 riders, with the route now hitting 800km and 11,750m of climbing, taking riders from the Mexican capital, to experience mountains, volcanoes and so much more as the route made its way to the finishing point on the Oaxaca coast. The addition of a Brevet further expanded the appeal of the event, with the more accessible 270km route still packing some 5,000m of climbing as riders exited Mexico City out to the state of Morelos.

The 2024 edition of the race takes place on Saturday April 27th, with a 1am departure creating a dramatic backdrop, whilst simultaneously allowing a calmer exit from the bustle of Mexico City. The event has a time limit, meaning riders must complete the 800km route (this year featuring 15,000m of climbing) in 130 hours (roughly 5 and a half days).

With a further expanded field of riders lining up for the 2024 edition, a significant portion from Mexico and South America, the Tour de Frankie is slowly revealing the depth of talent and the growing community attached to the ultra-distance and bikepacking scenes in Mexico. As the youngest of the events that Apidura supports, we are excited to see what the future holds for the Tour de Frankie as it seeks to grow and inspire both riders and race organisers alike in this emerging and developing scene.