Free In-Store Repairs

Even Bikepacking packs that are Built to Last can show the scars of particularly long and tough lives. Because not everyone is confident in making their own repairs, we are working with nine of our partner stores to deliver free repairs direct to our customers this January.

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Bikepacking is built on an ethos of self-support and many bikepackers are confident making their own repairs to their gear, their bikes and themselves. Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of modifications and repairs and we actively encourage and support our customers in their quest to repair instead of replacing – self-sufficiency is in our DNA too!

However, we appreciate that not everyone feels confident making repairs themselves or that sometimes repairing a pack gets put off and off until suddenly you need it again and it’s too late. That is why we’re rolling out Free Repairs with a number of our partner stores.

If you live near one of the stores below, drop off your Apidura Pack before the end of January. It will then be repaired and returned to the store ready for you to pick up within a few weeks, so you can get back to riding and adventuring.

Rips will be patched, torn seams glued and broken zippers replaced. Our workshop team will take your damaged packs and return them to service for years to come, so all you need to worry about is planning the next adventure – not fabric glue, gear tape and sewing kits.

The participating stores are:

Please contact your local store for details on dropping off packs and be aware of local Coronavirus restrictions. Each store will be accepting packs until the end of January, at which point they will be returned to Apidura for repair. The packs will be repaired by Apidura’s in-house specialists throughout February before being returned to your local store for collection.