Full Circle

Full Circle is the story of how Squamish BC based photographer and illustrator, Joel Fuller, has found creative balance through cycling, nature, and community. Filmed in June of 2021, Full Circle offers a glimpse into Joel’s life living in an off-grid cabin, falling in love with the outdoors, and riding gravel with friends in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

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Three riders cycle down a misty gravel road amongst dark trees


For me, a full circle requires these things: an inspiring space, good people, and passions that push you. For me that space is where I live, in an off-grid cabin near Squamish BC, those good people are members of the outdoor/creative community including members of this film, Michael Overbeck and Celeste Pomerantz, and the passions involve two wheels and a life of expression through art and photography.

Finding flow and physically pushing yourself on a bike is, put simply: addictive. Fresh air streaming past your face, a burn in your thighs, the release of endorphins, it’s one of the best ways to feel alive in the present moment and put so much of life and worries into perspective. Being in Squamish I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by a group of people who want to push themselves just as hard or harder than myself. Chasing these fast moments is paramount to the balance I need for art and photography. I don’t think you can be the best version of yourself without this kind of circular and constant chase, the chase of being fully present.

A lot of people in my life think I am just “go, go, go”, but realistically the calm and alone moments between these physically demanding ones account for so much of my time, and are essential for me to recharge both my social and physical energy. Life is complicated and I definitely don’t have it all figured out. But this full circle has helped me construct a life I enjoy and one that I am truly grateful for.

Making this film could not have been possible without the support of Guru Organic Energy, talented filmmaker and friend Zac Turgeon, and photographer/brain behind the project Julien Jeanson.