Functional Trails and Technical Singletrack: a Mountain Biking Kit List

Functional trails, or technical singletrack? Deciding between two different types of riding is a luxury, but choosing one over the other can mean compromise. Unless, like Kelly Servinski, you take a different attitude: ride both. Motivated by the idea of long day rides that lead to single-track, he built his custom Landyachtz hardtail to accommodate a variety of terrains. Here, we explore Kelly’s approach, alongside the planning and packing behind it.


Banner image: Sterling Lorence

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For many of us, our MTB ride starts at a trail centre carpark, a chairlift, or a waymarked trailhead. We loop our favourite trails multiple times until, satisfied or exhausted, we return home in our cars. All done in the pursuit of a purist experience: where energy is saved for the trails only. But what if we’re missing something?

Kelly Servinski has developed a more rounded, circular approach to his riding style. He designs routes that include pedalling both to and from the trails. The outcome is a far-reaching experience. Diverse, challenging and unpredictable. A ride characterised by the very variety of terrain that mountain bikes were designed to handle, creating skill-shaping moments. And the adventure begins with a rebellious act of rolling out the front door.


As Co-Founder of the Tutti Gravel Inn, Kelly pours his love of cycling into helping guests launch adventures into British Columbia’s Cariboo Plateau. Deep into the backcountry, he explores the endless puzzle of picturesque gravel tracks, whilst simultaneously looking for new networks of MTB trails. In turn, providing a knowledge base of routes to create memorable experiences for visiting cyclists.

Kelly built his hardtail with this type of lengthened mission in mind, and the component choices are focused on durability and ride quality. The bike choice is appropriate: a quick and versatile option, for an efficient journey to the trails, but more forgiving upon arrival. The perfect tool to build some endurance fitness and improve technical abilities on the more rugged terrain.

“What motivates me right now is the idea of longer days. Warm up with a section to the single track, enjoy the technical terrain, then cool down on the way home.”

-Kelly Servinski / Co-Founder of the Tutti Gravel Inn


This multi-purpose approach is reflected in Kelly’s packing choices. The Backcountry Hydration Backpack provides enough storage capacity for a long day out: a waterproof jacket, gloves and neck warmer to account for a dip in temperatures at the end of the day. Plus, it has the advantage of an internal hydration bladder for water storage, and external pockets for mid-ride essentials, such as snacks and phone. This on-body storage is then removed before taking to the trails, where the Backcountry Frame Pack (1L) is a compact option for maintenance essentials.



Bikepacking Kit List

Backcountry Hydration Backpack

WeAreOne Long Finger Gloves
7Mesh Desperado Merino Neck Warmer
7Mesh CoPilot jacket
Mobile Phone
Garmin InReach

Backcountry Frame Pack (1L)

Mini pump
Tire plugs
Specialized Multitool
CO2 cartridge
CO2 inflator
Mini chain lube
Energy bars


Kelly and his partner Erin are currently based in Arizona with the idea of ‘dirty birding’ – a seasonal migration away from the Canadian winter in exchange for the warmer climate.  In the springtime, they’ll be returning to the Tutti Inn to host their calendar of exciting, gravel events.

You can follow the adventures via Tutti Gravel Inn.