Route planning for ultra-distance events

The Apidura guide to route planning for adventure riding and racing, using online tools.

Riding the Tuscany Trail with ASSOS

We speak to Dalany Watkins of ASSOS about riding her first gravel event and picking the right equipment for gravel.

What to Wear Bikepacking

The Apidura guide to choosing appropriate clothing, for on and off the bike, when bikepacking.

Crossing the Darién Gap by Bicycle: The Allure and the Reality

Hugo Gladstone examines the history the Darién Gap, and offers insight into how to cross it by bicycle.

Freedom to Roam in Scotland: Everything You Need to Know

Bikepacking Scotland founder and Apidura Ambassador Markus Stitz guides us through Scotland's 'Freedom to Roam' Act.

Self-Support: The Ultimate Roadside Repair Guide for Bikepackers

Equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge for repairing your bike, your bikepacking gear, and yourself, on tour.

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