Embracing the Self-Sufficiency Spirit

The Apidura guide to what tools, spares and supplies to carry with you for self-sufficient riding.

Racing and Training on Your Period

Jenny Tough, Shona Oldfield and Jasmijn Muller share their experiences and advice for training and racing around your cycle.

It's Not About Being Fast, It's About Not Being Slow

Covering long distances quickly requires something we call the efficiency mindset; here we look at how to master it.

Apidura Ultra-Racing Manual 2020

A guide to ultra-cycling, including a calendar of events, racing advice, and inspiration.

Tykepacking: The Apidura Guide to Family Bikepacking

A handy guide to bikepacking with your family, including advice and insights from experienced tykepackers.

Meet the Dotwatchers; Dotwatching 101

We spoke to keen dotwatchers to find out what you need to know if you're following a dot for the first time.

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