How to Turn Bikepacking First-Timers into Lifelong Converts

We explore how you can help bikepacking first-timers enjoy the experience and make sure they become lifelong bikepackers.

It’s Not About the Bike

We look at how to make any bike a perfect bikepacking machine.

Spares for All Lengths of Ride

Our ambassadors share the tools and spares they carry for short and long rides.

Kerbside Kitchen; No-Cook Meals for Bikepacking

Food can make or break a bikepacking trip. Here we explore simple no-cook recipes to liven up service station finds.

Embracing the Self-Sufficiency Spirit

The Apidura guide to what tools, spares and supplies to carry with you for self-sufficient riding.

Racing and Training on Your Period

Jenny Tough, Shona Oldfield and Jasmijn Muller share their experiences and advice for training and racing around your cycle.

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