Meet the Dotwatchers; Dotwatching 101

We spoke to keen dotwatchers to find out what you need to know if you're following a dot for the first time.

Adventure Cycling Association: Route Planning Across the USA

Adventure Cycling has helped cyclists explore the USA for over 40 years. Here we find out how they create their iconic routes

Training for Adventure

Scotti Lechuga, pro road cyclist and coach, talks us through training for the adventure element of ultra-racing.

Route Planning for Ultra-Distance Events

The Apidura guide to route planning for adventure riding and racing, using online tools.

Riding the Tuscany Trail with ASSOS

We speak to Dalany Watkins of ASSOS about riding her first gravel event and picking the right equipment for gravel.

What to Wear Bikepacking

The Apidura guide to choosing appropriate clothing, for on and off the bike, when bikepacking.

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