Introducing Hexalon

Hexalon is a new fabric developed specifically for Apidura, designed to fit the demands of ultra-distance competition and audax. 

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Ultra-distance races, rides and audax, test both rider and equipment to the limit.  

To succeed, a rider must have confidence in their own strength, resilience, and condition. But in order to focus on the ride itself, they must also have the confidence that their equipment is fit for the challenge too.

In order to meet the performance required from the Apidura Racing Series, we had to create a fabric that didn’t previously exist. It’s called Hexalon, and it’s the only fabric in the world that meets the requirements that we, as riders, set.

Hexalon is the base material used in each of our Racing Series Packs, designed for going far, fast, and through all conditions.

What was required?


We needed a fabric that was…

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Weldable (for fully waterproof seams)
  • Resistant to abrasion and tears
  • Durable

Why couldn’t we use existing fabrics?


“Before Hexalon, there wasn’t a fabric that met each of the qualities to the performance level we required. We needed to tailor-make a fabric to meet the needs of ultra-distance riders, without compromise.” Betsy Seed, Apidura product development team.

Analysing samples in the Apidura Innovation Lab.

Analysing samples in the Apidura Innovation Lab.

What was the process for establishing Hexalon as our chosen fabric?


What is Hexalon, the finished product?


Hexalon is a tightly woven nylon, with a TPU laminate on one side and PU coating on the other.  

To make it, the nylon base is rolled out onto a surface and treated with the PU coating, which primes the fabric for welding. A thin TPU laminate (in liquid form) is then spread onto the other side, waterproofing the material.

An embossed roller is applied to the laminated side during the setting process, giving the TPU a textured finish, for stronger welds. Welded seams are an integral part of a fully waterproof Pack, so getting this right was of paramount importance.

What benefits does Hexalon offer to riders using the Apidura Racing Series?

Hexalon is a lightweight, waterproof fabric that is unique to the Apidura Racing Series. Fully seam-weldable, and resistant to tears, abrasions and punctures, it has been developed specifically for the needs of ultra-distance cyclists.

For riding further, faster, and through all conditions.