Jenny Graham: Fastest Around the World

It’s official: Jenny Graham is the fastest woman to cycle around the world. We caught up with Jenny just days after she returned from her 18,427-mile ride, to ask the questions everyone wants to ask.

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Jenny Graham smiling in black and white

On 16th June 2018, Jenny Graham set out on her bike from Berlin, Germany. 18,427 miles (29,656 km) later, she rolled back into the city as a new world record holder, and the inspiration of many; her 124-day time having beaten the previous record by 20 days.

In this interview, Jenny takes us through the varying experiences that each part of the journey offered, from the changing cultures and testing weather conditions, to the practicalities of life on the road, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with deep fatigue.

Inspirational words, from an inspirational woman.