Jenny Tough Interview; The Gravel Ride Podcast

Apidura ambassador Jenny Tough speaks to The Gravel Ride Podcast about her route into bikepacking, the spirit of adventure and what a day inside a bikepacking race looks and feels like.

Reading time: Less than a minute
Jenny Tough sits on a Himalayan mountain taking in the view


Jenny Tough has made a name for herself at bikepacking races like the Transcontinental Race, Silk Road Mountain Race and the Atlas Mountain Race. It would be easy to assume that she’s always been a keen cyclist, but Jenny got into bikepacking off the back of running and occasional spin classes. With no friends that bikepacked, she was free to make her own rules and discover for herself that every bike is a bikepacking bike. From this inauspicious start, unable to even repair a puncture, Jenny has quickly become one of the world’s most accomplished adventure cyclists. Listen to the interview to hear more about her setup, what she eats on an adventure, how she races and what the support of the bikepacking community has taught her about the spirit of adventure.