Le Coursier: Marin de Saint-Exupéry

Watch Le Coursier, a film by Albion and Pertex that follows Apidura ambassador Marin de Saint-Exupéry over the course of 2023, as he prepares for The Transcontinental Race and beyond.

Reading time: Less than a minute

“Le Coursier” can be translated loosely as both a bicycle messenger and a cyclist. It goes some way to describing how Marin de Saint-Exupéry spends his life outside on his bike, working as a courier and riding long distance races.

Albion and Pertex followed Marin over the course of 2023, to understand more about an individual who has become known and admired in the ultra-distance bike racing community for the unique way he approaches the sport.

Le Coursier is a story about living life on the bike, and how sometimes as cyclists we set ourselves goals that can end up meaning we lose sight of why we choose to ride.