Made for Purpose

Using insights from Apidura staff members and Ambassadors is an integral part of our design process. Here, we look at how this insight impacted the Apidura Racing Series.

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First-hand research and our experience as cyclists are a huge part of what enables us to make the most innovative bike packs available. When designing the Apidura Racing Series, being able to call upon the expertise of our team, our Ambassadors, and the wider Apidura community, was of utmost importance. Using our combined expertise, we identified unique ultra-distance cyclists’ needs, then sought to address them with innovative solutions. 



“I find having the easy access to my kit that a frame bag provides allows me to make better decisions.” Gareth Baines, experienced audax rider.

“Access is important: You need to be able to access stuff quickly, but things that you will not use, like passports and paperwork, need to be packed away safely.”  Jesse Carlsson, Apidura Ambassador and TransAm winner.

Neatness is key to being fast; there should be a place for everything.” Gareth Baines.



We know that in long-distance rides against the clock, time off the bike is equally as important as time on it. Having appropriate access to different items of gear at different times of day, and at different stages of the ride, counts for a lot.

The Racing Series is designed to make ultra-riders lives as simple and hassle-free as possible. There are designated storage options for essential pieces of kit, which can be easily accessed at any time, or stored away safely until required.



“As light as possible is a good rule of thumb. Packs must stay properly fixed to a bike too, whether full or empty.” Mikko Makipaa, six-time Transcontinental Race finisher.

“Less is more – lighter means faster.” Sarah Hammond, Apidura Ambassador and Race to the Rock winner.


Weight is a key factor in any challenge that involves going fast. Less weight on the bike means less weight to drag along with you, which is of particular importance in events with lots of climbing.

We made every effort to reduce the overall weight of the Apidura Racing Series to an absolute minimum, introducing innovative new design features, and developing a new fabric.



“It would be good to see a pouch for a SPOT device in the range.” Jesse Carlsson

“There should be flexibility in the sizing, for use on different frame sizes.” Bernd Paul, winner of The TransAtlantic Way race.

“I’ve seen wide variation of aerobar bags lately, but they mostly seem homemade/improvised. Are there aerobar mounted (wide/accessible and under aerobars) bags available?” TCR Facebook page user.


For us, developing a new range of Packs for the needs of ultra-distance riders goes beyond just designing a lighter, more compact version of existing Packs. We believe that innovation is the product of necessity, and so we designed the Apidura Racing Series for the exact needs of ultra-distance riders.

  • Integrated storage space for a SPOT in Handlebar Pack 
  • Option of securely attaching Handlebar Pack directly to aero bars 
  • Compatible with all kinds of frames – including those with wide, aerodynamic carbon tubes



“In races, especially off-road races, your hands take a lot of punishment. Fingers become numb and you lose dexterity. Buckles and straps need to be easy to operate without a lot of finger strength.” Jesse Carlsson

“For tired riders, simple tasks such as opening and closing Packs can potentially cause frustration or delay. Any design details that reduce stress will be valued.” Josh Cunningham, Apidura staff member and TCR finisher.


Simplicity is a foundational part of Apidura’s philosophy and approach to design – and played a driving role in the design of the Racing Series Packs. For ultra-endurance cyclists, simple Packs offer two critical advantages; they reduce weight, while also improving the interaction between fatigued riders and their Packs. Read more about the “less is more” design features on the Apidura Racing Series here.



“A high-vis panel underneath the Saddle Pack, visible when it is rolled up, would be great.” Sarah Hammond.

“The more reflective detailing, the better, as it just adds to a rider’s safety.” Jack Thompson, Apidura Ambassador and TCR finisher.


Before we started designing the Apidura Racing Series, we spent a lot of time understanding visibility. It is a major consideration for road users of all kinds, and of particular interest for cyclists participating in events in which they share the roads with other vehicles.

We wanted to understand how we could make ourselves more visible, and how we could implement our findings into our designs. This resulted in Racing Series design elements combining reflectivity, contrast and shapes to provide round-the-clock visibility. Read more in the feature, Seeing Clearly.