Prasetya: Stories From Bentang Jawa 2022

Bentang Jawa, an Apidura Supported event, is a single-stage self-supported race in Java Island, Indonesia. The island is the centre of government, economy, culture and education for Indonesia, hosting two of Indonesia’s largest cities: Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The route, which traces the southern coast covering 1,500 km and +16000m of climbing, uncovers the rural side of this bustling island with its own unique culture, food and nature.

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Following the release of the 2022 documentary of the race, we caught up with the organizers to get a quick overview of this year’s race.

“The second edition of Bentang Jawa repeated its west-to-east journey through the southern coast of Java Island, with the addition of Ujung Kulon National Park in the west and Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in the east.

As soon as the riders rolled out, the front runners were established, which included veterans like Dzaki Wardhana and Citra Saraswati as well as Bambang Anggoro and Stephen Dow. 

The diverse volcanic contour of the island means the riders alternate between windy coast, rolling hills and tall mountains, alternated by lush tropical forest and local farming fields that span across the blue horizon. The scorching heat and relentless rain came and went, dictating the pace of the race.

The ultimate test was the long climb to the edge of the majestic Mt. Bromo crater, 2466m above sea level and down via the ancient and mystical Burno Forest. Not even returning riders were fully prepared for what awaited them.

The four front runners remained in close proximity to each other, frequently swapping rank up until the last 90km of the race, where defending champion Dzaki broke his own record by 17.5 hours (87:00) despite a harder and longer course,  followed by Stephen (93:52) and Bambang (101:53). Citra’s commanding presence clinched her Queen of the race with 117:02 hours, breaking her own previous record of 136:30. The arrival of pair Mikhael Prastowo and Trihadi Siswanto with a time of 123:23 eventually rounded the top five.

Bentang Jawa was created to share the beauty and joy of unsupported cycling, and this film, Prasetya – Stories from Bentang Jawa 2022, as directed by the talented Andra Maulana and produced by InFrame, beautifully captured the struggle, emotion, and the spirit of cycling adventure. More than telling the stories of Bentang Jawa riders, this film hopes to inspire its audience to ride and find their own adventure”.