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We’ve come a long way since we were founded in 2013, setting countless industry firsts and winning endless races through our Precision Crafted approach to technical bikepacking equipment. Take a look at the milestones that we have culminated since we launched our first bikepacking bags.

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Man riding bike with Apidura Expedition Series in a desert




Apidura Founded

After finding existing gear lacking for her own bikepacking needs at the Tour Divide, Tori Fahey launches Apidura to create high quality, technically advanced bikepacking gear. This need-driven, product-led approach will come to define the company.

Tori Fahey sits on a wall next to her bike, which is covered in bikepacking bags

June 2014

Backcountry Series Launches

After a year of testing, failing, learning and even more testing, the first products are ready; the Backcountry Series is born.

Juliana Buhring racing in the Trans America Bike Race on her road bike covered in Backcountry bags

Summer 2014

First Race Wins

Mike Hall and Juliana Buhring win the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race, a non-stop 6,800 km race across the USA, with both choosing to use the newly launched Backcountry packs.

August 2015

The Transcontinental Race

Apidura begins its support of Mike Hall’s Transcontinental Race, a 4,000 km race across Europe with no fixed route. The relationship between Apidura and the Transcontinental Race remains central to the brand today.

March 2016

Expedition Series Launches

Apidura creates the world’s first fully waterproof bikepacking packs. The culmination of a hard journey that involved designing a whole new fabric as well as bringing welded construction to bike luggage.

A rider on a mountain pass in the rain with Expedition series bags on their bike

June 2016

Collaboration with Rapha

Apidura teams up with the market-leading UK clothing brand, Rapha, to produce a limited series of packs and reach a whole new audience of road cyclists.

a cyclist riding in a city

A cyclist sit next to his bike full of bikepacking bags

Summer 2016

Mike Hall Sets More Records

As a now well-established friend of Apidura, Mike Hall sets a still unbeaten record on the Tour Divide using Apidura packs, including prototypes that would go on to influence future designs.

Kristof Allegaert riding in the mountains at the TCR with Apidura packs on his bike

Summer 2016

So Does Kristof Allegaert

On the road, Kristof wins his record third Transcontinental Race, again using Apidura packs. He also begins to directly influence design decisions for this emerging style of racing.


Jenny Graham riding on a misty road with Expedition packs on her bike

Summer 2018

Jenny Graham breaks the  Round-the-World Record

Jenny Graham sets the Guinness World Record for the fastest self-supported circumnavigation of the world by bike, using Expedition packs and completing her ride in just 124 days.

December 2018

Racing Series Launches

The world’s first race-specific bikepacking range. Designed working closely with Kristof Allegaert and again requiring the creation of a completely new material to meet the demanding requirements of ultra-distance racers.

Summer 2019

Ian Walker Sets the Fastest Crossing of Europe Record

Dr Ian Walker rides from the Northernmost point of Europe to the Southernmost point in just 16 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes, setting a new world record for the fastest bicycle crossing of Europe.

Ian Walker celebrating his new record at Tarifa

Summer 2019

Fiona Kolbinger Wins the Transcontinental Race

Relative ‘unknown’ Fiona Kolbinger becomes the first woman to win the Transcontinental Race outright, using the Apidura Racing Series. The Racing Series will be seen on the podium of almost every other self-supported ultra-distance road race this year.

Autumn 2019

Repairs Program Expands

Apidura brings it’s long-standing repairs program to stores and race finishes, offering free drop off and repair on any gear that needs it.


Apidura repairing packs at the finish line of the Transcontinental Race

September 2019

Collaboration with Marin 

Apidura developed a bespoke, bolted-on full frame pack, with two new unique openings and a built-in hydration bladder for the Marin Pine Mountain E. The development of the product lead to changes in our backcountry series and new products including the frame bladder.

Apidura custom frame pack for the Marin e-bike

June 2020

First Parallels event takes place 

When the world was dealing with restrictions and limits we launched Parallels as a way to replicate an ultra-race by challenging riders to cycle as far as possible in a 24-hour period over the solstice weekend.

A woman cycles through the city with an Apidura City Messenger on her back

July 2020

City Series Launches

Taking everything learned from creating the world’s most technically advanced bikepacking kit and breaking records over nearly a decade, Apidura launches its first non-bikepacking bags, designed for seamlessly navigating city life.

May 2021

Canyon Collaboration 

Apidura collaborated with Canyon, who shares our values of simplicity and precision, to design packs for the Canyon Grizl. Drawing upon a complementary mix of Racing and Backcountry Series features the packs are designed to be lightweight and rugged enough to tackle anything from the hour-long spin before work to a 200-mile gravel race.

A closeup view of the Apidura x Canyon Saddle, Frame and Top Tube Packs

May 2021

Packables Series Launched 

Working closely with our riders, Bjorn Lenhard and Fiona Kolbinger, during development we launched our first on-body product with our Packables. Designed for adding flexible storage to longer rides. Packables are ultralight, waterproof and versatile on-body bags for carrying bulkier loads in comfort.

Compressing the Packables

Autumn 2021

Collaboration with MAAP 

Apidura teams up with the clothing brand, MAAP, to challenged ourselves to combine the features of a full bikepacking setup into just three packs, equipping gravel cyclists and the bikepacking curious with a minimal setup that can cater for everything from a spin round the block to a weekend away.

November 2021

Racing Hydration Vest released  

Apidura releases, the Racing Hydration Vest, designed for long mixed terrain rides and races where extra water capacity and quick access to food and supplies is essential. The vest soon becomes a favorite for a number of athletes including Ulrich Bartholmoes, who takes a number of podiums wearing the vest.

close-up of the apidura hydration vest S/M size on a person's body

January 2022

Revive is launched  

We launched Revive, our way of reducing waste by returning purpose to idle packs through making repaired, refurbished and sample products available for purchase. The longer a product is kept in use, the lower the impact of the materials and resources that went into creating it.

bottle cage adapter into a bike's frame

April 2022

First independently developed hard good is released  

Our first independently developed hard good, the innovation lab bottle cage adapter making it possible to lower or raise bottle cages by 55mm and converts standard two-bolt mounts into three-bolt mounts, allowing for larger cages and greater carrying capacity.

hydration bladder 3 litres on the frame of a specilized bike

Spring 2022

Award winning frame hydration bladder released  

Apidura launches the first bikepacking-specific frame bag hydration bladder, it makes efficient use of space, so you don’t need to compromise between carrying water and other essentials. The design goes on to win Gear of the Year 2022 award.

June 2022

The worlds fastest gravel bike with Ridley

Collaborating with Ridley Bikes, Apidura releases the world’s first aerodynamically optimised bikepacking packs that make the bike faster.  The Aero Pack System is an evolutionary step towards the next generation of bikepacking equipment that will inform future products and drive continuous incremental improvements across our ranges.


We become a B-Corp Certified Business

Apidura qualified as a B Corp, reflecting our ongoing commitment to balance people, planet and profit.  B Corp UK certification highlights and quantifies our efforts to champion considered purchases with products that are Built to Last and rejecting manufactured obsolescence.


B Corp Logo



June 2023

Ulrich Bartholmoes 2023 Tour Divide Win

We congratulated Apidura ambassador Ulrich Bartholmoes for winning his first-ever Tour Divide in a staggering 14 days, 3 hours and 23 minutes. Ulrich now has the 2nd fastest time in Tour Divide History, second to Mike Hall. We took a deep dive into his race-winning setup, take a look here. 


Ulrich Bartholmoes 2023 Tour Divide Finish

August 2023

Introducing the Packable Visibility Vest 

A lightweight, low-light essential. 

Through working closely with our athletes, ambassadors and internal staff, we released the Packable Visibility Vest. A visibility product that combines adherence to the EN 17353 standard whilst ensuring on-bike fit, adjustability and year-round suitability. The product made its debut at the 2023 Transcontinental Race, quickly becoming a staple piece of racing equipment. 

silhouetted figure in visibility vest in dark

August 2023

Christoph Strasser wins the Transcontinental Race No.9

On August 1st 2023, Christoph Strasser arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece, winning this year’s Transcontinental Race in a time of 8 Days 16 hours 30 minutes. Finishing first two years back-to-back now establishes him firmly as a key figure in the unsupported, ultra-distance scene. You can unpack his full rig in our Apidura Kitgrid feature here

Christoph Strasser at the 2023 Transcontinental finish line