Precision Crafted, Adventure Proven

As Apidura launches its first bags designed for everyday life instead of bikepacking adventures, we take a look back at its journey through the years and the milestones that have culminated in the creation of the City Series, inspired by adventure and designed for modern city life.

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A man walks down some steps in the city with an Apidura City Messenger on his back




Apidura Founded

After finding existing gear lacking for her own bikepacking needs at the Tour Divide, Tori Fahey launches Apidura to create high quality, technically advanced bikepacking gear. This need-driven, product-led approach will come to define the company.

Tori Fahey sits on a wall next to her bike, which is covered in bikepacking bags

June 2014

Backcountry Series Launches

After a year of testing, failing, learning and even more testing, the first products are ready; the Backcountry Series is born.

A cyclist on a mountain bike with backcountry bikepacking bags in front of mountains

Juliana Buhring racing in the Trans America Bike Race on her road bike covered in Backcountry bags

Summer 2014

First Race Wins

Mike Hall and Juliana Buhring win the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race, a non-stop 6,800 km race across the USA, with both choosing to use the newly launched Backcountry packs.

Mike Hall stands with a racer at sunset looking out over the mountains

August 2015

The Transcontinental Race

Apidura begins its support of Mike Hall’s Transcontinental Race, a 4,000 km race across Europe with no fixed route. The relationship between Apidura and the Transcontinental Race remains central to the brand today.

March 2016

Expedition Series Launches

Apidura creates the world’s first fully waterproof bikepacking packs. The culmination of a hard journey that involved designing a whole new fabric as well as bringing welded construction to bike luggage.

A rider on a mountain pass in the rain with Expedition series bags on their bike

June 2016

Collaboration with Rapha

Apidura teams up with the market-leading UK clothing brand, Rapha, to produce a limited series of packs and reach a whole new audience of road cyclists.

a cyclist riding in a city

A cyclist sit next to his bike full of bikepacking bags

Summer 2016

Mike Hall Sets More Records

As a now well-established friend of Apidura, Mike Hall sets a still unbeaten record on the Tour Divide using Apidura packs, including prototypes that would go on to influence future designs.

Kristof Allegaert riding in the mountains at the TCR with Apidura packs on his bike

Summer 2016

So Does Kristof Allegaert

On the road, Kristof wins his record third Transcontinental Race, again using Apidura packs. He also begins to directly influence design decisions for this emerging style of racing.


Jenny Graham riding on a misty road with Expedition packs on her bike

Summer 2018

Jenny Graham breaks the  Round-the-World Record

Apidura ambassador and friend Jenny Graham sets the Guinness World Record for the fastest self-supported circumnavigation of the world by bike, using Expedition packs and completing her ride in just 124 days.

December 2018

Racing Series Launches

The world’s first race-specific bikepacking range. Designed working closely with Kristof Allegaert and again requiring the creation of a completely new material to meet the demanding requirements of ultra-distance racers.

A cyclist on a quiet mountain road using Apidura Racing Series packs

Ian Walker celebrating his new record at Tarifa

Summer 2019

Ian Walker Sets the Fastest Crossing of Europe Record

Dr Ian Walker rides from the Northernmost point of Europe to the Southernmost point in just 16 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes, setting a new world record for the fastest bicycle crossing of Europe.

Fiona rides at the front of the TCR, with Apidura Racing Series packs on her bike

Summer 2019

Fiona Kolbinger Wins the Transcontinental Race

Relative ‘unknown’ Fiona Kolbinger becomes the first woman to win the Transcontinental Race outright, using the Apidura Racing Series. The Racing Series will be seen on the podium of almost every other self-supported ultra-distance road race this year.

Autumn 2019

Repairs Program Expands

Apidura brings it’s long-standing repairs program to stores and race finishes, offering free drop off and repair on any gear that needs it.


Apidura repairing packs at the finish line of the Transcontinental Race

July 2020

City Series Launches

Taking everything learned from creating the world’s most technically advanced bikepacking kit and breaking records over nearly a decade, Apidura launches its first non-bikepacking bags, designed for seamlessly navigating city life.

A woman cycles through the city with an Apidura City Messenger on her back