Emily Chappell; Finding My Happy Place on the Road

Emily Chappell tells us about finding her happy place on the road through Greece during TCRNo4.

Travelling the World by Bicycle, Alone

Jenny Graham, the fastest woman to circumnavigate the globe by bike, shares her inspiration for undertaking this huge journey

Silk Road Mountain Race; The Unpacking

Scotti Lechuga unpacks her Silk Road Mountain Race experience and explores the impact it has had on her everyday life. 

The Anatomy of a Scratch

Jenny Tough gives us an insight into the mindset of an ultra-endurance athlete and how to know when to scratch

The Spirit of Self-Support; Repairing Competitors’ Packs at the TCR

Each year, the Transcontinental Race is a valuable testing ground and an opportunity to get feedback and insight on our packs

Fiona Kolbinger's Transcontinental Race Winning Kit

A closer look at Fiona Kolbinger’s kit for TCRNo7.

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