Route planning for ultra-distance events

The Apidura guide to route planning for adventure riding and racing, using online tools.

Self-Support: The Ultimate Roadside Repair Guide for Bikepackers

Equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge for repairing your bike, your bikepacking gear, and yourself, on tour.

Paris-Brest-Paris: Old Brevet, New Brevettes

We follow the journey of two riders from Brevette CC as they take on one of cycling’s greatest challenges: Paris-Brest-Paris

Self-Support: How to Repair Yourself on Tour

Equip yourself with the right kit and knowledge for when you suffer crashes, illness, or injury, on tour. 

Detour: Risk Assessment at the Japanese Odyssey

Take a step into the unknown with James Robertson at the Japanese Odyssey, and appreciate the value of making risks.

Reliable Time: An Introduction to Audax and Randonneuring

Experienced long-distance rider Jo Burt sheds light on the history and culture of audax cycling.

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