TCRNo5; Rishi Fox

Apidura rider Rishi Fox looks ahead to the 2017 Transcontinental Race

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TCRNo5; Rishi Fox apidura

After being forced to abandon last year’s TCRno4 because of heat exhaustion, Australian adventurer and Apidura rider Rishi Fox returns to TCRno5 with one mission: to get to the finish in Meteora. We caught up with her before the race started.


As a veteran of TCRno4, what lessons are you taking with you going into TCRno5?

TCRno4 was my first solo ultra endurance event. I was very inexperienced and just threw myself into it, but with these things you either do that or you never do them at all! I actually had a really good race. It ended rather disastrously (in a hospital with heat exhaustion and dehydration), but I had a great time and learnt a lot in the process. This year I am taking with me the experiences from no4, plus an extra year of training specifically for this race. I have been working really hard on learning what my body needs, backing up day after day of riding, honing my setup and gear, and working on more mental aspects, which is a huge factor.

What is it that attracts you to ultra racing events such as the Transcontinental race?

Originally it was the idea of having an amazing adventure, which is still a big draw card for me. But it is also the idea of making myself do something which totally scares me, where I can’t control everything, and learning that I can actually deal with it. I really enjoy the whole process of planning and training also; the buildup, and the processes in getting ready for such a massive event.

How did you find the sport?

I followed TCRno3 online and was immediately hooked. It seemed so crazy to me at the time, and to think that I could ever do it seemed unrealistic, but that just made me what to do it even more. I think once you decide to do something really huge it forces you to work harder than you ever have before, and enables you to do things that you never thought possible before. That’s pretty amazing.

What has your preparation for the race involved?

I have been working pretty hard this year with my coach, Jess Douglas. There have been a lot of kilometres, but also some very focused training, sorting out the issues I had last year, and working on getting generally faster and stronger. I have increased the amount of climbing in my rides a lot, and I’ve also been on several over-nighters, pushing through the elements and training my ability to keep going, even when I want to stop.

What are your expectations for the race this year?

I have one goal and one goal only, and that is to finish. Along the way I hope to have fun and collect an amazing set of memories.

What setup will you be using?

I have spent a lot of time this year honing my set up. I’ll be riding the same bike as last year, a Trek Domane Disc with handbuilt HED Belgium wheels. An Apidura Backcountry Saddle Pack 11L is about all I can fit on my very small bike, other than a few things strapped down with Velcro and two Apidura Food Pouches, so my setup is very light.

How can we follow you during the race?

You can follow me via the hashtag #TCRNo5cap152, on Instagram @RadRishi, and on my Facebook page, Rishi Fox Endurance Cycling Adventures, where I will post daily vlogs, and where my partner back home will post updates on my behalf.

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