The Wineland Adventure

Created by two Spanish brothers, ‘The Wineland Adventure’ is a short film about a solo e-bike voyage through La Rioja. It’s a tribute to the region, its vineyards, mountains and gravel roads. Watch the film below and scroll down for some insight from Javier, one half of Blancoenbotella, on how they tried to capture the holiday in its full glory.

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A cyclist rides down a gravel road in the mountains, heading away from the camera


Blancoenbotella is made up of myself, Javier, and my brother, Guillermo. We’re both video directors based in the North of Spain.

The inspiration for this project was from a trip that Guillermo undertook with a friend. After Covid-19 forced them to change their plans, they ended up focusing on the local region, seeing it with an entirely new perspective. Since then, with plenty of other lockdowns keeping us local, we’ve found so many great options for bikepacking within the region of La Rioja.

Despite all its negatives, pandemic life encouraged us to hike, explore and ride more. We became curious to explore the places close to us, and we discovered some amazing locations only a 30-minute cycle from our homes. Wine is a very important part of La Rioja and as we work with many wineries in the region, we couldn’t help but include some of these. We love wine, so it’s quite common to have a glass of wine with a ‘pincho’ after a ride.

A few years ago, Guillermo broke his knee, and his e-bike has helped him get out cycling again. He had a lot of time off cycling, but the e-bike allows him to ride more, to get back into shape to ride with his friends and tackle bikepacking adventures like this.

His model is quite a light e-bike compared to others. It doesn’t carry a lot of power, but it is enough to help with the steep hills and to feel confident on new routes. It’s a different style of bikepacking, as the battery level forces you to find time for charging, whether that be while paused to eat or when stopped overnight.

For this project, we opted to use an analogue film camera for our photos, to help capture the good vibes that the film gave us. It makes the aesthetic more organic and fills us with nostalgia, reminding us of our parent’s summer photos.

We tried to honestly capture the experience itself, the positive energy, and the feeling of riding in peace simply for fun. Nothing competitive and certainly no Strava! We wanted to make the viewer feel like part of our adventure, as though we were riding together. Our ultimate wish is to make you want to hop on your bike and ride out to your local spots with friends.