Time Well Spent on Black Friday

This Black Friday, focus on time well spent instead of searching for deals on gear you don’t need and lower quality goods that won’t last.

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Three Apidura staff members riding along a ridgeline with the city visible in the background


Apidura has never taken part in Black Friday, and we never will. Given a choice between participating in a culture of toxic overconsumption in return for a short-term bump in sales, versus putting in the hard work for sustainable growth that both provides value to our community and customers, we’ll go for the latter every single time.

To counteract some of the harm Black Friday does, this year we chose the spend the time we might otherwise use planning Black Friday to give back to our community – something we call #timewellspent.

As long-term fans of the work Trash Free Trails does, this year we decided to get out and clean some of our local trails using their ‘Do It Ourselves Toolkit’ as a guide. We’ve been vocal in the past about how Black Friday contributes to landfill by encouraging impulse buys and championing low-cost goods with inherently shorter lifespans, so removing existing landfill from our riding environment seemed a fitting way to spend our time.

Most of our team is spread out across London, so we had two teams tackling trails to the North and South of the city. Using Trash Free Trail’s toolkit as a guide, we created our ‘rubbish’ routes, put out a rallying cry around the office for everyone to pick a ride and then set out to remove, record and recycle everything we found.

We know that the impact of our team tidying a few kilometres of trails around London suburbs won’t offset Black Friday or directly improve the lives of many of our customers or community of riders, but we hope that it might inspire some of you to spend the time you might otherwise use searching for deals on Black Friday to head out and do something good for your local community.

Join us in rejecting Black Friday and championing time well spent this Friday.

A rider picks up rubbish from a leaf strewn floor without dismounting his bike

An Apidura team member picks up rubbish from amongst bushes on a trail

An Apidura team mate picks up rubbish amongst leaves on a forest trail