Transpyrenees 2019 Film

Transibérica’s Transpyrenees Race, run for the first time in 2019, is a 1,000km route from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast, climbing over 24,000m and taking in some of the most mythical and challenging cols of The Pyrenees such as Pailhères, Peyresourde, Tourmalet, Luz-Ardiden, Aubisque or La Pierre Saint-Martin. This video tells the story of the first edition of the race.

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The Transpyrenees is run by the team at Transiberica, whose portfolio includes Badlands, Transpyrenees and Transiberica. Each ride is conceived to be a personal adventure, a collective ride, and to champion bikepacking and self-sufficiency values.



Starts 24 May 2020

Badlands is an unsupported gravel challenge on the edge of Europe.

The route is about 700km with 15,000m of climbing and crosses some of the most remote and challenging places in Europe: Hoya de Guadix, Gorafe Desert, Tabernas Desert, Cabo de Gata Natural Park and Veleta Pass at 3.212m. 85% of the route is off-road.



Starts 27 June 2020

Transpyrenees is an unsupported and single-stage road cycling challenge across the Pyrenees.

The riders must follow the official 1,000km route from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast climbing some of the most mythical and challenging Cols of The Pyrenees such as Pailhères, Peyresourde, Tourmalet, Luz-Ardiden, Aubisque or La Pierre Saint-Martin.



Starts 12 July 2020

Transibérica is an unsupported and non-stop road cycling challenge across the Iberian Peninsula.

The event is Free Route, which means the riders must design and follow their own plan to reach the mandatory checkpoints. The Checkpoints are designed to reach some of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging villages and mountain pass of the Iberian Peninsula, with an expected route length of 2,800km .