Ultra Racing

Ultra cycling races like the Transcontinental Race (TCR) and the Badlands challenge riders with gruelling distances and punishing terrain. TCR spans continents, testing riders’ endurance, navigation skills, and self-sufficiency. The Badlands adds rugged landscapes, from deserts to rocky trails, pushing riders to their limits. These races are not just about speed but about pushing boundaries, offering unforgettable journeys of self-discovery and immense satisfaction.

How to Train for an Ultra-Distance Cycling Event

How to Train for an Ultra-Distance Cycling Event

We speak to three Apidura Ambassadors about how they prepare for ultra-distance bikepacking races and events.

Reading time: 6 min

Marion rides ahead of two other racers on a gravel path, with a determined look on her face

Badlands: What it Takes to Win

Marion Dizwnik shares the reality of what it takes to finish an off-road gravel ultra in first place

Reading time: 11 min

Cynthia rides toward the camera on a gravel road in the Spanish desert

Cynthia Frazier: From Unbound XL To Badlands

Cynthia Frazier explores the difference between American and European gravel racing and shares her Badlands kit list

Reading time: 4 min