Watch: Joffrey Maluski’s “Bikepacking Iceland”

In the summer of 2021, cyclist and adventurer Joffrey Maluski and two of his friends embarked on a three month journey around Iceland. Their figure-of-eight route started in Reykjavík where they cycled Iceland’s Ring Road, before crossing the country from both North to South and then from East to West across the Highlands. From glaciers and volcanoes to dangerous river crossings, watch the film from their epic 3000km adventure below and read about some of their most memorable moments.

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River crossings, resupply and route planning…

“The most difficult section was the route north of Hofsjökull glacier. There are lots of dangerous rivers to cross that can be deep and powerful, as well as areas of quicksand (which are best avoided!). It’s a part of Iceland that’s so wild even the Super Jeeps don’t often visit. In fact, we didn’t see a single other person out there. We would start the days around 4-5 am so that we could reach the river crossings as early as possible when it was still cold and the water level remained low. On occasions, we had to travel upstream to find a safer point for crossing where the river was wider – meaning the water would be shallower and less powerful. Trying to find the best way to cross them became a game, and as we gained experience these became our favourite days (despite the wet feet).

It was important to pay close attention to the routes because there were some long sections without resupply. The hardest part of planning was calculating and carrying food supplies for the two Highlands crossings, which were 12–18-day rides in remote areas. We carried dried food that we’d repackaged in Ziplock bags so that it remained light and compact. I was grateful that I had my previous bikepacking trips to draw experience from, with a pack-list that is both optimised and organised these days.”

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