What is Bikepacking?

The Apidura guide to bikepacking, travel by bike, and adventure cycling.

what is bikepacking travel by bike

Bikepacking is about taking the every day cycling adventure further. It’s about turning the day ride into a multi-day experience and embracing the freedom that a bicycle can offer. It’s about exploring landscapes and connecting with nature and people. It’s also is about simplifying life, removing the noise and distractions of the city-bustle and connecting with our inner voice.

Traditionally, multi-day cycling experiences have required the use of a rack and panniers; an approach that adds considerable weight and mechanical complexity to the cycling experience. However, recent innovations in textile construction have opened the door to carrying gear without the need for a rack.  

travel by bike with apidura bikepacking bags

Why go rackless? Rackless packing systems offers many advantages over the traditional rack and panniers, opening up a new world of riding possibilities. Rackless packing systems offer:

Lighter Weight: For equivalent carrying capacity, Apidura’s packing system is 60% lighter than traditional rack and pannier systems.

Improved Handling: Apidura’s packing systems distribute the weight more evenly over the bike, creating a more natural and enjoyable riding experience.

Greater Flexibility: Apidura’s packing systems attach directly to the bicycle frame, making it possible to carry gear on almost any type of bicycle without the need for tools.

bikepacking cycling adventure

So get out there and try it! Whether it’s an overnight getaway close to home, or a cross-continent expedition, bikepacking offers a great opportunity for cyclists to explore and connect, while enjoying the sweet, sweet joy of the ride.

bikepacking surprises beautiful landscapes
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