Ulrich Bartholmoes

Ulrich Bartholmoes's bikepacking kit list for GranGuanche Audax Road;

Ulrich's kit list is a minimal setup for an attempt at GranGuanche Audax Road. The event is a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route across the Canary Islands. It's a personal race against the clock, so participants can be flexible with their pace and aim for various ferry-crossing times between the islands. Ulrich is hoping to finish in the shortest possible time, riding ‘audax’ pace, which means connecting all the ferries in a non-stop ride to complete the route in 2 days and 1 night. This means a minimal setup, allowing him to focus on fast miles rather than comfort.

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Racing Bolt-On Top Tube Pack (1L)
  • Electrolyte Drink Sachet – Strykr MIX90 Caffeine + Dual-Carb
  • Snack Bars
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Racing Frame Pack (4L)
  • 1x Innertube
  • Mini Pump – NanoRoad BMP-48
  • Multitool – Miniwerkzeug Syncros Matchbox 19CT
  • 13.000mAh Powerbank – Anker
  • Mini Charging Cable with Adapter
  • Facemask
  • Rescue Blanket
  • Bike Lock – Hiplok Z LOK
  • ID
  • Creditcard
  • Cash
  • Electrolyte Drink Sachets – Strykr MIX90 Caffeine + Dual-Carb
  • Snack Bars
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Racing Saddle Pack (7L)
  • Down Jacket – Rapha Explore
  • Ultralight Jacket – Velocio
  • Arm Warmers – Velocio
  • Knee Warmers – Velocio
  • Signature Long Sleeve – Velocio
  • Spare Tubes – 2x Revoloop Ultra Light Tube
  • CO2 Tyre Inflator + Cartridges
  • Chain Lube – Muc Off C3 Ceramic Lube
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Cable Ties
  • Cloth Tape
  • Toothbrush + Paste
  • Wet wipes
  • USB Charger
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Ulrich Bartholmoes - GranGuanche Audax Road