Parallels is a self-supported long-distance riding challenge that takes place over the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice weekend.

Your  Longest Day


The longest days of the year have always gone hand-in-hand with long rides, so each year, Parallels challenges riders to experience 24 hours in the world of ultra-distance cycling, riding unsupported, on-road or off-road, over the Northern Hemisphere summer Solstice weekend.

Parallels is designed to emulate the route planning and logistical, as well as physical challenges, found in self-supported ultra-distance races. Route distances are measured in a straight line between the start and finish locations of your ride.

Riding in Parallel

Parallels is a distance challenge, but it’s also about showcasing your route planning skills as you try to maximise the straight-line distance between your start and finish location. You’ll be riding against yourself, the clock and those riding in parallel all over the world.

Why a straight line distance? Unsupported bikepacking events combine the challenge of route planning with riding. Parallels condenses this challenge into a 24-hour period, with every resulting line telling a different and unique story from riders taking part across the world.

The Rules

Riders have 24 hours from when their ride starts, to when it ends.

The distance for their ride is measured in a straight line from the start point to the end of the ride.

In-keeping with the spirit of ultra-distance events, we encourage rides to be self-supported.



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