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Combining route planning and logistical challenges with a 24-hour time limit, Parallels reflects the experience of unsupported ultra-distance racing, with riders competing in parallel worldwide in a unique cycling challenge.

Taking place around the weekend of Northern Hemispheres Summer Solstice, Parallels challenges riders to ride as far as possible, from point to point within 24 hours. Competitors’ routes are converted to a straight-line distance between the start and finish, with the resulting straight-line distances becoming each rider’s Parallels distance.

Riding in Parallel

Like any ultra-distance event, Parallels requires logistical planning, from maximizing the straight-line distance between start and finish points, to return travel logistics, the availability of resupply, and sleep strategy. You’ll be riding against yourself, the clock, and those riding in parallel all over the world, with each resulting straight line telling a unique story.

The Rules

Riders have 24 hours from when their ride starts, to when it ends.

The distance for their ride is measured in a straight line from the start point to the end of the ride.
In-keeping with the spirit of ultra-distance events, we encourage rides to be self-supported.

How to Enter


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Parallels is made possible by our friends at Ride with GPS . To enter, you will need to sign up to Ride with GPS, join the Ride with GPS challenge and upload your Parallels ride.

Enter using the link: Parallels 2024

Tag your ride on Ride with GPS by adding #parallels24 to the ride name or description. The ‘Parallels’ lines and results will be published by Friday 5th July 2024.

Measuring Your Ride

The distance for your ride will be measured in a straight line from the start point to the end of the ride. If you ride 300km, but your finishing point is 200km your start point ‘as the crow flies’, your Parallels route distance will be 200km. Follow this simple guide to check the straight-line distance between your start and end points.

Planning Your Ride

Parallels rides must take place over the weekend of the 22nd – 23rd June, during which time you have any 24-hr period to complete your ride. The clock starts with the first turn of your cranks and whilst you can stop to rest, eat, and sleep, the clock doesn’t stop. This means the challenge is based on elapsed time, not moving time.

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Can I ride Parallels with friends?

You can ride Parallels in whatever way makes it most interesting and fun for you – as long as it’s self-supported and in keeping with the spirit of bikepacking. For the ultra racing experience, we recommend riding solo or as a pair. Make sure everyone you ride with signs up to Parallels and submits their own separate rides to be included on the leaderboard.

Can I ride off-road?

Yes! The straight-line aspect of Parallels means that those taking an off-road or multi-surface approach may find themselves with a distinct advantage when it comes to route planning.

What if I plan to ride a loop?

Your Parallels distance is measured from the start to finish of your uploaded ride. If you are planning to ride a loop or there-and-back, make sure you split your ride, ending your first recording at the point furthest from your start.

Can I drop supplies for myself on my planned route?

This challenge is about the spirit of bikepacking and self-supported racing, but is not policed and we would encourage you to do whatever you think is sensible to stay safe and enjoy the challenge. It’s down to you to choose how to safely resupply and whether that fits with the ethos of the challenge.


Parallels is intended as a personal challenge and is by definition an unsupported event. Responsibility for the welfare of you and others is your own, please act responsibly and stay safe.

Your Safety

Apidura Parallels is a personal challenge shared with others and a great chance to safely experience what 24 hours during an ultra race or challenge feels like without having to wake up and do it all over again the following day. It’s not important enough to risk your life over! If you are tired, stop. If it’s overcast or dark, light yourself and your bike up. If your route turns out not to be safe or sensible for cycling, turn around.

Obey Local Rules

Familiarise yourself with all the local riding laws along your route. Please ensure you obey all laws concerning rights of way for bicycles, visibility, and places you are allowed to rest.




Share your experience and see other riders’ progress by following #parallels24

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